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Reference Checks

Inline Reference Check is host to the most professional interviewers in the industry. Our employees are the backbone of our service, many of whom were business professionals in previous careers. Inline has retained their services for several years, and our staff specializes in a more conversational style of interview.  This allows for more valuable insight from referees and provides a superior, in-depth reference report than the use of closed-ended questions that are often employed by other firms.

Never use a check list format!

Open discussions with the referee once a rapport is established, uncovers much more information than a question and answer style.

Inline Reference Check does not employ email based reference interviews, as we believe that it is not flexible enough to permit the kind of follow-up questions or in-depth probing that our interviewers are trained to perform.


Inline Reference Check takes great pride in its industry leading 98% response rate from referees.


To provide superior reports, each candidate’s referees are questioned by the same interviewer. This not only allows our interviewers to paint a comprehensive picture of past performance, it gives them insight when speaking to the next referee if unwanted behaviour is uncovered in the first interview.  Management can better assess the candidate’s chances for success. Once hired, information outlined in the reference report can be utilized by mentors to provide the appropriate resources to help ensure a seamless transition to the new workplace environment.

The Inline Reference Check platform also allows for the hiring manager to highlight any areas of concern that arose during the initial interview process, enabling the interviewer to confirm behaviour or provide an explanation for an unwarranted assumption.

Reports can be customized to suit the level and specific function of the hire. Inline will work with your templates or help design a new format that best suits the recruitment needs.   Many of our clients have had direct input into how they want to receive their reports:

1) the referee’s name is not used throughout the executive report ensuring confidentiality of the comments made for a particular client

2) specific questions relate to specific jobs such as sales vs administrative roles or senior vs. junior levels for all of our clients

3)  formal use of Mr. or Ms., or a more personal style by using both the candidate’s and the referee’s first names

4)  the visual look of the report and use of bullets or prose can all be customized to suit your preferences.


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