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Credit Checks

Working closely with credit providers, Inline Reference Check is continually improving its credit inquiry offering.

We offer more than just credit inquiries as a commodity. Inline Reference Check’s veteran staffers, including a past banker, review the reports and find common issues or omissions that other firms miss. Inline Reference Check will find the partial files and identify those candidates who are trying to cover up past credit issues.

Areas that our competition misses:

1)      little or no credit history, yet the person has been employed for years which may indicate a prior bankruptcy that is not evident

2)      many credit enquiries in a short period of time suggesting that the individual has been declined credit in several locations

3)      Social Insurance Number and date of birth inaccuracies which can be corrected by the candidate

4)      name changes may imply other credit files exist: this includes married and birth names as well as spelling errors due to inaccurate input by creditors and those making enquiries particularly with non-common names

5)      the understanding of the rating system used by our resources and if there is a “benefit of the doubt” option in their meaning


  • Credit Checks reveals much about a person, including poor payment histories with credit cards and loans, bankruptcy, and collections which may be an indication of irresponsibility.
  • Many positions require employees to possess credit cards, handle cash or other sensitive information, and screening is important.
  • Inline Reference Check verifies Social Insurance Numbers or Social Security Numbers when either Canadian and United States checks are required.


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