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Additional Background Screening Services

Improve your companies due diligence with these additional services:

Civil Litigation Inquiry

  • Inline Reference Check confirms that professionals are clear of Civil Litigation and legal disputes.
  • Our contacts provide the information to ensure that your candidates are “in good standing” within their profession.

Social Media Analysis

  • Inline Reference Check investigates various articles, media sources and the Internet to present current information regarding your candidate.
  • A comprehensive search illustrates not only potential undesirable behaviour, but also credit for past accomplishments that may not have come up in the interview process.
  • A critical verification for any public facing roll or figurehead.

Bankruptcy Inquiry

  • Inline Reference Check provides an in-depth inquiry both on personal and commercial credit checks where a bankruptcy is evident.
  • Our resources are able to provide details regarding discharges, declarations, arrangements and intentions, as well as other pertinent information to help you make a more informed decision.

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