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Inline Reference Check


Formed in 1997, Inline Reference Check is the premier pre-employment screening company in Canada. Inline Reference Check specializes in Reference Checks, Criminal Record Checks, Credit Inquiries, Education Verification, and Employment Verification throughout North America.


that your business depends on quality. Quality products, services and people. How can you be sure you have the right candidate? How do you validate their claims and resume during the interview process? Let us confirm the candidate’s story. It’s what we do.


business is only as good as the people you hire. Finding quality candidates is tough and requires expertise to verify these skills. We can help you make those hiring decisions by vetting those candidates.


are what we are all about. Our skilled team examines  your candidate and offers an objective interpretation of their resume. Our people  check the facts, explore  their histories. Our reports will help you make the right decision.




“Conducting thorough and tailored references and background checks are an essential part of any executive search process.   That is why Promeus has used  Inline for over 10 years!    Prior to conducting a reference and on behalf of Promeus and its Clients, the Inline consultant seeks  to understand the nuance of each and every executive role as well as the candidate’s experience, skills and areas of development.    The consultants conduct comprehensive interviews and information assessments  to ensure that the reference, credentialing and media  information is  accurate, objective and truly representative of an individual’s performance and career history.  It is our experience,  that Inline and the consultants are accountable and Client-oriented and they work hard to provide the best service possible for Promeus and most importantly our Clients and Candidates.  We highly recommend Inline and their consulting team.”


Promeus LogoBarbara Nixon, Partner Promeus Inc.